Recruiting Strategies: Post & Pray vs. Targeted Search


We just successfully completed an assignment for a new client – a senior office property manager role.

The client was referred to Pearson Street Advisors because they were unhappy with the results from posting on job board sites. The response, while attracting many, many, job seekers, did not produce any top candidates.

After carefully listening to the client’s wish list, I established a targeted outreach program to individuals I believed would be suitable. Through this targeted outreach program, we were able to source a number of excellent candidates, great real estate professionals who weren’t looking at job boards, but still happy to hear about a potential career growth opportunity, especially given the pandemic.

From that effort, our client chose one all-star, who was on-boarded several weeks ago.

The best candidates must be proactively targeted with personal outreach coupled with advanced recruiting skills. Everybody wants great people, but it takes commitment and effort to get them to join your team.  And with so many job-seekers in this climate, retaining a search firm is even more important.

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